Monday, June 14, 2010

Raspberry tart

So last weekend was a disaster with the whole macaron fiasco, but I was determined to have a good pastry experience this weekend and praise to the pastry gods I did! i decided to tackle the Tart. hoping it to be somewhat easier but no less challenging than the macaron.

So I went to the store and got all the necessary ingredients to make my tarts. i decided to go with a raspberry tart this weekend and will probably make some different ones in the future, but i love raspberry's so that is what i chose.

This weekend i had a little tart helper E! he is three and LOVES to help in the kitchen and since this project has some assembly required i thought it would be fun for him to make his while i make mine! we had so much fun making and eating them!
E loves to test to make sure things are tasting like they should be!

the kids loved the tarts! S and B didn't help make any but they sure had fun eating them!

So this is how the tarts turned out!

 The tart turned out so beautifully! this one is mine! E couldn't wait for his to get photographed he wanted to eat it! they tasted as good as they look! 

So i would say definitely a good weekend all around!

Next weekend  i will be making croissants wish me luck!
Oh and the photos were taken by Katie schuchart who makes my pastries look like a million bucks!

I used the recipes from the book TARTINE. i love that book!

XX Cassandra

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